Brown Discharge From Metronidazole

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Online Psychic Readers - Advisor Shopping Report
Updated: May 7th, 2013

Shopping For A Psychic Reader?
How To Identify The Best Psychics And Avoid The Scams

Online Psychic Services have become almost as popular as dating sites these days providing convenient access to a wide selection of psychic readers to pick and choose from.

Unfortunately not all psychic services can be trusted. While nearly every site we reviewed made extraordinary claims about the abilities of their psychic readers, only a select few backed these claims up with an unbiased customer feedback system and even fewer offered any type of an accuracy guarantee. Many sites were obvious scams.

The question is then how can you tell a good psychic service from a bad one without wasting a lot of time and money in the process? To avoid the scams, we recommend that you take these precautions:

The DO’s And DON’Ts For Finding The Best Psychics

Do find a reputable psychic internet site that guarantees the accuracy of its psychic readers. If you need a recommendation, see our top three reviews below this article.

Do take the time to review each psychic's client ratings and testimonials. Honest, unedited, customer feedback is critical. In fact, it’s one of the few unbiased sources of information you can trust! If the site you’re considering doesn’t offer such feedback, stay away.

Do take a test drive. Take advantage of any introductory free or discounted trial consultations if offered. You may have to try a few psychic readers before you find the one with whom you can build a long lasting relationship.

Do Not fall victim to false claims. If at any time you have any questions as to the genuine nature of a psychic reader or of their reviews, look for another psychic.

Do Not ignore your instinct. If you feel that you are being mislead or mistreated during your reading, please report it to the site administration and notify us as well so we can conduct a review.

psychic reader

Not all psychic readers are the same. Some are natural intuitives while others may specialize in astrology readings or tarot readings. Review their bios and feedback carefully to find a psychic reader that best suits your needs.

Which Online Psychic Service Do You Recommend?

We reviewed a lot of sites and were surprised by how many made unsubstantiated claims about the accuracy of their psychics, offered no guarantees, and/or provided no verifiable client testimonials.

Based on our research, we recommend the following sites because we believe they are the most reputable, with long standing track records of accuracy and high customer satisfaction. These sites also represent some of the very best psychics and provide honest, unbiased, customer feedback for each of their psychic reader's abilities.

Site: AskNow

AskNow is a reputable service offering live telephone access to some very high quality psychic readers. Their customer feedback system is unbiased and unfiltered giving members the ability to read multiple customer reviews prior to selecting a reading from any of their psychics. Prices vary depending on what each individual psychic wants to charge, but are fairly reasonable overall. We especially like the 15 minute introductory reading for only $10 offered to new members (see our link for details). AskNow also backs up all of their readings with a full credit back satisfaction guarantee. This should give you plenty of time to get a feel for a psychic prior to committing to purchasing a full reading. Given everything, it’s hard to go wrong with AskNow.



Web Link

Psychic Source is one of the most respected psychic services with a twenty-year track record and many satisfied customers to prove it. They take their business seriously. They are one of the only services that rigorously pre-screens and tests their psychic readers with fewer than five percent of all applicants being accepted. They also provide unbiased customer reviews and one of the best satisfaction guarantees in the industry - a 100% full credit in the event you’re not happy with the accuracy of your reading. Overall their pricing is very reasonable and they offer a great introductory deal of a dollar per minute reading for new members (click the button for a direct link to a list of psychics available under this promotion). If you are looking for a service that stands by the accuracy of its psychics, Psychic Source is your best bet.



Live Person Pschic Review

Founded in 1995, California Psychics is a well established and highly respected service that provides live phone access to a large selection of professional psychic advisors. Each psychic who is listed with their service has extensive biographical information and customers are encouraged to leave unbiased reviews which can be read online. Californian Psychic's customer satisfaction guarantee is pretty good as well should you encounter any problems. They also offer a 75% discount to new customers which means it is possible to get a reading from a highly rated advisor for as low as one dollar per minute. For this reason, we felt that California Psychics deserved a five star rating and provided you with a direct link to this promotion. If you have never had a reading before than this is a great service to try!